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- Fiber to the School

- Fiber to the School Brussels Smart City - Fiber to the School 2019-11-27 11:00:00 2019-11-27 16:00:00 Athénée Royal Crommelynck Avenue Orban, 73 - 1150 Woluwé-Saint-Pierre "virtually learning virtually anything"! We did it: at the end of this year, all secondary schools in the Brussels-Capital Region will be equipped with broadband internet. This opens many doors for the schools concerned, but also raises a great amount of questions. That is why the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre has decided to zoom in on connected schools at its next Smart City event. Our host will be the Royal Athenium Crommelynck in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre. The programme of this dynamic, instructive day filled with interesting content includes the following activities: knowledge sharing between headmasters and headmistresses, an interactive training and animation for primary and secondary school students, and workshops for parents and teachers. Do reserve 27 November in your agenda!

Smart Village

SmartVillage Action et Recherche Culturelles

Action et Recherche Culturelles

,,Action et Recherche Culturelles (“cultural action and research”) organises on-going educational activities around the digital society and the diversity of citizen issues. The association offers computer training both in its EPN (public digital centre) and outside, using a mobile computer room (EPNPortable), to meet participants’ needs as closely as possible.

SmartVillage Athénée royal Crommelynck

Athénée royal Crommelynck

,,This school in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre is a French-speaking school in the official Wallonia-Brussels network. It has a nursery preschool, and primary and secondary sections. The school also offers boarding facilities for girls as well as for boys. Founded in 1956, the school adopted the name Crommelynck in 1994, in recognition of the pianists Patrick and Taeko Crommelynck.

SmartVillage CIRB-CIBG


,,The BRIC is the public interest agency that aims to become the technologically neutral, competitive, reliable and high-quality partner of all public institutions in the Brussels-Capital Region that wish to take an informed and proactive approach to introducing innovative and coherent ICT in order to optimise efficiency on the one hand and improve the user-friendliness of the services offered to the people and businesses of Brussels as well as visitors to the city on the other hand.

SmartVillage IRISnet


,,Resulting from a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) between the Brussels-Capital Region, the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC) and Orange Belgium, the IRISnet SCRL has a vital mission: to manage the extension of the broadband fibre optic network across the entire region and to provide related telecommunication services. To communicate better, and to make the Brussels-Capital Region a smart city.

SmartVillage Libraries Without Borders

Libraries Without Borders

,,Since 2007, Libraries Without Borders has been working to bring education and knowledge to those who need it most. Because the lack of access to information and its effective use are the causes of most inequalities today, the association works in 50 countries in 23 languages and has selected more than 28,000 information sources to strengthen the capacities of specific groups on the main issues affecting the world today.

SmartVillage Livescope


,,Livescope is a 250m² Virtual Reality Center located in the mythical “Maison de la Radio” building in Flagey. Stop a dragon invasion, defuse a bomb or escape from a mine in team, command a spaceship, walk on an 80 stories-high plank, draw in 3D, visit Tokyo or New York,…there are so many ways to have fun, discover or explore at Livescope.

SmartVillage Microsoft Innovation Center Brussels

Microsoft Innovation Center Brussels

,,The Microsoft Innovation Center Brussels is a non-profit that derives from a public-private partnership between the Brussels-Capital Region and Microsoft. Its goal is to develop the IT sector in the Brussels region, with particular focus on SaaS and Cloud technologies.

SmartVillage MolenGeek


,,MolenGeek aims to make new technologies and innovative entrepreneurship available to everyone, particularly people who have no academic or technological qualifications, through a Coding School, short courses, hackathons, an incubator and a coworking space.

SmartVillage We are coders

We are coders

,,The aim of We are coders is to teach computer logic to young people through practical programming with creativity and games. The objective is to give as many young people as possible access to these skills, thereby helping to bridge the digital divide.


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