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for Economy Brussels Smart City for Economy 2017-11-13 15:00:00 2017-11-13 21:30:00 Academy Palace Rue Ducale, 1 - 1000 Brussels Having already tackled education and culture, the latest Brussels Smart City event was dedicated to the economy and was aimed at Brussels-based entrepreneurs. As a source of both opportunities and competitive advantages, the digital revolution is now a critical aspect of business. Whether small or medium, companies need to quickly get to grips with the digital transformation. What are the latest digital developments? How can it increase the added value in your sector? What are your needs? Which different types of support can the Brussels-Capital Region offer you? Brussels Smart City has invited you to an engaging event run by and for Brussels-based entrepreneurs, on Monday 13 November 2017, 3pm-9.30pm at the Palais des Académies (Brussels). A pictures gallery is available online following the link below.

Smart Village

SmartVillage Agoria


,,Our organisational structure is founded on expertise centres, market teams, industry teams Leading experts answer your questions on, among other topics, talent and the labour market, innovation, energy, the environment, socio-legal issues, well-being at work, taxation, regulations and standardization. The Agoria Market teams help you promote your offering on the market, identify market opportunities for your products or services, and forge sustainable partnerships in Belgium and abroad. We are currently focusing on the following markets: Building & Urban Development; Energy; Financial Services; Food & Beverage; Healthcare; Transport & Mobility; Machine Construction & Production Systems; and Sports & Entertainment Events. By offering advice, tools and organising workshops and networking events, the Agoria Industry teams support you when it comes to meeting the present and future strategic challenges in your industry, whatever the sector: Aeronautics, Space, Security & Defence Industries; Building, Contracting & Technical Services Industries; Digital Industries; Manufacturing Industries; and Materials Industries. Experienced Policy units also defend your interests, lobbying at all levels of power.

SmartVillage Atrium


,,Atrium Brussels is the Regional Commerce Agency which has been stimulating commercial development in the Brussels-Capital Region for over 15 years. Atrium Brussels offers its knowledge of urban commerce and the city to the public authorities and its partners to initiate innovative projects with the aim of boosting Brussels and guiding the city on the path to becoming a smart retail city. Thanks to its local knowledge and numerous - prospective or identity-based - geomarketing analysis tools, it gives starters an understanding of the commercial diversity of Brussels and its districts. In doing so, Atrium Brussels helps prospective merchants and retailers in defining, locating and implementing their project. Atrium Brussels advocates the vision of a commerce that offers quality and originality and is well-adapted to our day and age and its customs. In a bet to enhance and boost the commercial attractiveness of the Region, the Agency coordinates a series of actions to beautify and promote the shopping districts.

SmartVillage BECI


,,BECI takes part in sector-specific negotiations is located at 500 Avenue Louise, also known under the name “Brussels House of Entrepreneurs”, and represents and supports the interests of businesses in Brussels in their dealings with local, federal and international authorities. BECI advises companies and business-owners on matters relating to tax, employment and commercial legislation. We also help them in international trade, in creating and transferring businesses – and we help them when they are in trouble, etc. BECI offers personalised support for handling administrative formalities: business services, VAT, official company documents (publication in the Belgian Official Gazette, lodging annual financial statements), registering leases, handling not-for-profit formalities, certificates of origin, ATA carnets, etc. BECI supports business-owners to find financial partners, making it easier to identify and develop new business opportunities by providing lists of companies, multiplying business opportunities through its events, clubs, working lunches, business meetings, etc. European funding, tenders, import/export: we provide direct, straightforward access to European and international markets. We organise meetings with foreign delegations visiting Brussels and suggest joining trade missions to other countries.

SmartVillage Brussels Creative

Brussels Creative

,,Brussels Creative ( is a platform for the Brussels based creative and cultural ecosystem gathering citizens initiatives, political bodies, academical researchers and businesses. We believe that creativity and Innovation will fuel the growth of our economy and that, by focusing on cross-overs, we will drive disruption, energize our society and increase our socio-economic impact (Smart Society). With over 35 organizations onboard, our main mission is to build bridges between our stakeholders but also with European Institutions and other cities in Europe (notably as a member of the Creative Ring - Cross-over projects are funded throughout European Funds, Regional challenges or throughout collaborations (Ecosystem-as-a-Service) with Corporates wanting to become more disruptive to survive in changing economical paradigms. Every month several meetings are organized to organize the serendipity and diversity both crucial ingredients of disruption. Additionally many projects like OrganiCity are used to gather and challenge the ecosystem (


,,Created in 2003 by the Government of the Brussels-Capital region, the Brussels Enterprise Agency (BEA) has rapidly become the leading partner for any starting or experienced entrepreneur in the Brussel-Capital region. In 2013, BEA was rebaptised The core missions of are : 1. To be the interface that enables all those doing business in the Brussels Region to find immediately and easily the specific information that they need, and to identify immediately and easily the people in public and private organisations who will help them consolidate their projects on a lasting basis. 2. To propose a growth ecosystem to innovative Brussels enterprises, in which they can acquire and share skills, meet partners and benefit from dedicated coaching throughout their growth cycle. 3. To provide selective support to high potential entrepreneurs in a limited but constantly re-evaluated range of topics, when such support is not accessible in the market. The Brussels-Capital region entrusts selectively to delegated tasks related to economic development. also manages several European programmes. carries out its tasks in accordance with the priorities and directions defined in a management contract signed between the agency and the Government of the Brussels-Capital region. This contract sets out for a period extending over several years the objectives and the means to be employed to attain them.

SmartVillage UCM


,,As the major French-speaking employers' organization, the UCM is committed to defending self-employed workers and business owners. The UCM offers SMEs a diverse range of services. The UCM offers self-employed workers and SME managers a range of tools to manage their businesses more efficiently. The business creation, development and succession service advises and assists you in developing your project, whether it be founding a business, developing your activities or handling business succession.

SmartVillage Unizo


,,UNIZO boosts entrepreneurs More than just a name, ‘UNIZO’ supports about 110,000 entrepreneurs with a network of motivated collaborators. At the service of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship, one and all. A solid team. Whether you are self-employed, an SME manager or exercise a liberal profession, as an entrepreneur you have come to the right place. As the largest entrepreneurial organization in Flanders and Brussels, you can always count on us to have your back. Every day, UNIZO speaks with the voice of the entrepreneur, from the village square to the halls of political power. UNIZO takes policy makers to task or vents its opinions in the newspapers, on TV or on the radio.

SmartVillage VOKA


,,Voka, Flanders' Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is the most representative employers' organization in Flanders. It represents over 18.000 companies in Flanders and Brussels. Thus it represents 69% of the private employment and 65% of the added value in Flanders.


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